Convert your movies to DVD

The lifespan of a VHS tape is approximately 10 years. After that time the tape begins to degrade and may become unreadable. Storing the tape flat, or in hot or humid conditions can also reduce its lifespan.

Properly stored DVDs are expected to last decades. The format is digital and includes error correction. Computers and DVD players should play DVDs for generations to come.

Convert your old home movies to DVD today!

For $49.99 we will convert one VHS tape to DVD. We add meaningful titles and chapter markers, and package your DVD attractively based on the content of your home movie. Additional copies are available for $15 each.

This is an excellent choice for school plays or recitals that need no editing. If your content needs editing, you might consider our home movie editing services.

Is your master on miniDV tape from your video camera instead of VHS? No problem! We can also convert up to two hours of miniDV movies to DVD for the same low price.

Your precious original material is always returned to you.

Please note that we cannot convert copyrighted material.

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