Grandpa sleeping in his easy chair.
Are your home movies putting grandpa to sleep?

Professional Video Editing can help!

Grandparents treasure those home videos of Baby's first steps, but do they fall asleep during the 20 minutes of listening to you say, "He was just doing it."? Professional editing can cut to the highlights. We can turn your home videos into a movie -- a movie with a music score that is fun to watch again and again. Your neighbors will love it when you bring out your home movies.

Smiling Grandparents
"Thank you so much. Alex's grandparents loved it. This is the best Christmas present we've ever been able to give them." Rob S., Berkeley CA

"We used to receive our daughter's videos un-edited in 6 hour chunks. We would watch every moment because we didn't want to miss any cute or important event but much of the footage was uninteresting and repetitious. We appreciate this service because we can relax and enjoy the highlights. Beth Leonard's excellent taste in selecting background music that reflects the mood and activity adds to our enjoyment." B. Wichman, Amherst, N.H.

Basic package: for $199 you receive:

Your original footage is returned.

Extended package: for $399 you receive

If you have more than 2 hours of raw footage, additional charges can be negotiated, depending on your individual needs.

Photo package: If you do not have home video, but you do have digital photos, we can create a slide show set to music for $1.00/photo, 100 photo minimum. One copy of the DVD is included per hundred photos. Additional copies are $15 each.

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